Shorts #5: Flesh and Blood

Fri 30 Nov | 3.30 - 5pm | 15+ | £5
Venue: Studio 74

Shorts #5: Flesh and Blood

Connected by flesh and blood these families are sticking together through life’s adversities. In grief, loss and reflection we see them unite to build a new and better future.

On the Surface

Anna Blandford, 2018, UK, Drama, 17mins

After a fatal incident, a mother and daughter are asked to account for their actions. To get out of trouble they conspire to lie. Do they feel no remorse?

Confessions of an Angry Mother

Catarina Diehl, 2018, Finland, Documentary/Animation, 5mins

She's afraid of three things: losing her temper, hurting her own kids and turning into her own abusive and violent mother.

Schoolyard Blues

Maria Eriksson-Hecht, 2017, Sweden, Drama, 16mins

It's John's first day at school. Unexpectedly his eleven-year-old big brother Mika shows up to follow him to assembly. Instead Mika has plans seeing it as his mission to teach John the hard facts of the world, starting with the merciless demands of the schoolyard.


Tessa Hoffe, 2017, UK, Drama, 13mins

A young girl cares for her younger brother at home, while she awaits her mother’s return.


Astrid Bussink, 2017, Netherlands, Documentary, 15mins

A child’s world is sometimes full of problems that are not always easy to talk about with parents or friends. In the Netherlands, the Kindertelefoon special telephone line helps children – the equivalent of the Czech Child Safety Line. L I S T E N captures the true confessions of these anonymous children.

His Name is Willy

Elizabeth Cairns, 2017, Canada, Drama, 15mins

Two siblings begin to reconcile as they perform a DIY funeral for their recently deceased mother, who requested that her corpse be thrown to the wolves when she dies.

In Between Takes

Alexei Dmitriev, 2017, Russian Federation, Experimental/Documentary, 7mins

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Give a man a video camera, and you will have a film in twenty years.


Shorts #6: Local Talent + Director Q&A

Fri 30 Nov | 5.30 - 7pm | 15+ | £5
Venue: Studio 74

Shorts #6: Local Talent + Director Q&A

A showcase dedicated to the most promising emerging filmmaking talent from across the South West. Followed by a director Q&A to discuss and share their filmmaking experiences with the audience.


Rebecca Gosnell, 2018, UK, Drama, 15mins

After enduring weeks of abuse and becoming a prisoner in her own home, an elderly widow is forced to fight back against her tyrannical neighbours as their cruel pranks begin to threaten the safety of her young granddaughter.


Grace Fox, 2018, UK, Drama, 17mins

A middle-aged Cornish fisherman struggles to work after suffering a great loss which leads to a debilitating fear of the sea.

Cut From Cloth

Tommy Gillard, 2018, UK, Drama, 15mins

Three estranged siblings gather round their father’s coffin to mourn and discuss their inheritance. But when a knock sounds from within the casket, the siblings need to decide which is more important... Family, or fortune?

Intelligent Life

Paddy Earle, 2018, UK, Drama, 11mins

In a Somerset town filled with sceptics, two siblings set out to prove the existence of extraterrestrial life.

This is Phonic

Chris Jones, Guy Natanel & Benjie Croce, 2018, UK, Documentary, 10mins

This is Phonic takes you to the heart of Exeter’s community radio station Phonic FM. Shot in their tiny basement studio, this film lays bare the passion and personalities of the dedicated DJ’s that launch their voices onto the airwaves.


Heidi Jones, 2018, UK, Drama, 5mins

After a night of failed new year's eve celebrations, two very different women find common ground after discussing their approaches to risk taking.


Mike Wozniak, 2017, UK, Drama, 13mins

When Sally's husband is trapped in an underground cave during a diving accident she finds herself trapped in the company of a talkative constable and an unwelcome guest.


48 Hour Film Challenge Premiere

Fri 30 Nov | 7.30 - 8.30pm | 12A | Free
Venue: Auditorium

48 Hour Film Challenge Premiere

Watch the best films from 2018’s 48 Hour Film Challenge, where teams write, shoot and edit their films in just two days. This free event is always full of surprises and extraordinary feats of filmmaking!

At the end of the screening we will be presenting the Best 48 Hour Film Award, along with the two runner-ups.


  • Vote For Me, by The Sleepwalkers

  • And Next Up…, by Blue Loom

  • The Adventures Of Thimble Knight, by Candylad

  • Meteor, by Coco Collective

  • Thirst, by Cream

  • Back To The Past, by Exeter Cathedral School

  • The Story Of Michael Dapper, by Fireducks

  • Thread, by Jackal and Mutt

  • Insertion, by Miraculum

  • A Thimble, by Mystical Biscuits

  • The Magic Of Democracy, by Rebels With A Cause

  • I Am Sometimes A Farewell, by Shutter

  • Landslide (The Story Of Timothy Thorne), by Simple But Sexy

  • Can Of Man, by Spinning Path

  • Cheesy Love, by Taviner Bros.

  • Politicalyptic, By The Dependants

  • Paul And Pete’s Grand Adventure, by The Funky Chickens

  • Cat Got Your Tongue, by The Log Ladies

  • The Siren, by The Team Formally Known As Prince

  • A Magic Thimble, by Une Equipe De 5 Filles

  • Life In The Day Of Jacqui. P, by Wing Jam Exam

  • The Bear, by Yeet

  • Ripped Canvas, by Exeter Indie

  • Repeat, by Weathered Soul Films


Commission Premiere with Award Ceremony + After Party

Fri 30 Nov | 9pm - 12am | 12A Premiere, 18+ After Party | £5
Venue: Auditorium & Café Bar

Commission Premiere with Award Ceremony + After Party

The festival finale and a chance to watch premieres of the five short films commissioned by Exeter Phoenix this year. After the screening we will be chatting to the filmmakers to hear their experience of the process and open the applications for our 2019 commission schemes.

We will be presenting awards for the festival’s Best Short Film Award and the Audience Choice Award. Join us afterwards in the Café Bar, where DJ Ducky will be bringing us the best film soundtrack classics at the Two Short Nights after party.

Micro Film Commissions

Paper Thin

Alexander Warn, 2018, UK, Animation, 3mins

A man has his reality reshaped by a threat of his own construction.

Walks of Life

Andy Thatcher, 2018, UK, Documentary, 3mins

Walks of Life celebrates being in the places that matter most. From Paul's photographic trip around St. Thomas, to Jo and Adam's meditative river walk along the Otter and Cathy's ascent of Rame Head, these varied journeys all have a place in the heart for each walker.

Animation Commission


Holly Summerson, 2018, UK, Animation, 4mins

Two birdwatchers share a magical ability to turn into birds. When one has to go away, the other must learn to take off on her own. Birdwatching is a mixed-media animation about isolation, independence and rural queer love.

Short Film Commissions


Riyadh Haque, 2018, UK, Drama, 15mins

Yasmin, an impressionable South Asian teen, finds herself trapped between her strict, traditional family and the man she is in love with. One night, when Yasmin sneaks out to a party, she inadvertently starts a chain of events that changes her life forever.

His England

Matty Crawford, 2018, UK, Drama, 11mins

On the day of the EU referendum, an Asian British kid trudges across the British countryside, unaware of the racial tensions and political shifting landscapes around him, as he proudly wears his England football shirt.