Shorts #1: Turning Points
5pm-6.30pm | £4 (£3) | 15+

In partnership with Into Film, this selection was curated during the Young Programmers Day, where a panel of young people, aged 16-19 years old, picked this punchy series of short films. 

Tackling current young people’s issues, this screening provides a platform for their stories. Exploring the ways in which digital technology and impacts the next generation and what happens when they decide to switch off. Take a glimpse into their possible futures where music is contraband and a girl can aspire to submit her skeleton to gelatine. A fearless coming of age programme tackling the larger subjects of sexuality, race and acceptance, with laughs along the way.


Creative Hub Social: VR Taster Session
6pm-7pm | free 

An informal networking event with a few free drinks and a chance to try out some of the latest virtual reality headsets. Supported by Cineon Productions, come along to see how VR filmmaking is expanding and what can be achieved with this immersive technology. Open to filmmakers and artists, the creative and the curious, as well as film industry professionals.


Shorts #2: Artists Moving Image + Artist Q&A
7pm-8.30pm | £4 (£3) | 18+

The premiere of Exeter Phoenix’s 2017 Artists’ Moving Image Commission winner Isobel Adderley’s W E F E W, with a Q&A from the artist. Her work explores the preconception of the body and physical space as separate and opposing forces through film, sculpture, live performance and music production. Isobel has recently worked with Random Acts on her piece Qwake and more locally with Somerset Art Works.

A short programme of artists’ moving image works from exciting new talent will follow the premiere of this commission.


48 Hour Film Challenge Premiere
9pm-late | free | 12+

Watch the best films from 2017’s 48 Hour Film Challenge, where teams write, shoot and edit their films in just two days. This free event is always full of surprises and extraordinary filmmaking feats!